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NW-6680 Float free capsule for VDR

The Tron 40 VDR is the most reliable ‘float free’ capsule in the market today. To emphasize the strong position of the NW-6000 in the market, Netwave is working in a close relation with Jotron to obtain the most reliable solution for the recording in a float free capsule, connected to the Core Module via one single cable (PoE) only!

Compliant to IMO resolution MSC 333(90) for VDR systems, IEC61996 IEC60945 and ED56/112:
  • Memory to record 48 hours
  • PoE Interface (Power over Ethernet connection)
  • Powered directly from the Core module
  • Dimensions:
    W, H, D, WT: 240 x 533 x 218 mm WT: 5,4 KG

  • The Tron 40VDR is emergency equipment consisting of:
  • Tron 40VDR Cospas-Sarsat emergency EPIRB.
  • FB-40 Automatic float free bracket.
  • VDR storage module.

    The Tron 40VDR EPIRB is developed to meet the regulations and rules for use on vessels and life rafts in the maritime service. Tron 40VDR meets the following specifications for 406 MHz EPIRBs for use in search and rescue operations at sea. See “Declaration of Conformity” document at: for information of required standards.

    Tron 40VDR is delivered with a float free bracket.

    The Tron 40VDR is buoyant and have water activation contacts which will start DISTRESS transmission if deployed into water.

    The bracket prevents DISTRESS transmission if water spray are applied to the EPIRB.

    The Float free bracket, FB-40 is a covered bracket with an hydrostatic release unit (HRU) which will release the Tron 40VDR if the bracket is submerged to a depth of 2-4 meters if the ship are about to sink.

    The purpose of the Tron 40VDR is to give a primary alarm to the search and rescue authorities.

    The EPIRB gives an immediate alarm when activated, transmitting the ID of the ship in distress.

    Care must be taken not to activate the EPIRB unless in an emergency situation, in such cases the user will be held responsible.

  • For periodic testing a test function is implemented.
  • During the test cycle the EPIRB does a selftest on the transmitters and on the battery status.
  • No emergency signal is transmitted during the self-test.
  • The battery of the EPIRB will last for at least 168 hours from activation of the EPIRB.

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